Throughmixer Australia



The Thorough Oatroller

For fresh rolled oats and barley, also cracks corn and lupins. Capable of rolling up to 11/2 tons an hour
Can be attached to automated feed systems for weight accuracy by using scales under mixer or timer automation.

The Big Barrow

Dual wheels
Strong plastic tub,
Approx 3 times the size of a normal barrow.
Carries approx 180kg
And comes with easy to follow assembly
Accessories for Big Barra also available. Wheels, tyres, bearings & tubes available

Paddock Feed Out Bin

With Auger out feed manual teflon coated inside for easy cleaning and non-stick. Sizes Made to Order

Galvanised Storage Bin

Vermin Proof, Made to Order. All sizes, Mobile optional

Mobile Stable Feeding Trolley

Holds up to 30 buckets, 10 bales of hay, made from mesh or galvanised sheeted to save wastage

Barley Boiler

A safe electric boiler for boiling approx 50 litres.
This stainless steel boiler cooks approx 20kg of barley(and other grains) plus water(total approx 50kg), and is thermostatically controlled and used with
15AMP single phase 230 volt power.

Compare this with the price of gas
and this is a safe cost saving alternative.

Mezzanine Flooring

This construction is built to carry various load capacities.

Various heights so as to accomodate a truck, trailer or other feed out systems, hot dip galvanised.

Built to Order. We can install or send to you.